Websites that Work for Good.

I help conscious and purpose-driven brands convert visitors into supporters and customers with strong positioning and crystal clear messaging.

Brands that help the world usually have websites that suck.

And by suck, I mean they don’t produce results:
donations, sales, booked calls, etc.

It’s really unfortunate, but you know I’m right.

Design is hard, my friend.

A website that doesn’t understand your supporters and customers is costing you thousands of dollars a year.

Unclear messaging and confusing site layouts are potentially leaving tons of money and opportunity on the table for you.

You could easily be getting 2x-5x more results from your site.
It’s time for a change.

I build websites that convert visitors with strong positioning
and clear messaging.

You need to turn your website into an efficient, result-generating machine. I can help.

Who I Work With

I’m fortunate to work with some of the most impactful and inspiring brands I know of, including nonprofits, social enterprises, and conscious businesses.

My Simple Process

How the sausage is made.

Web Design for Conscious Businesses and Nonprofits strategy Pristine Media

1. Strategy

We start with a strategy session to align the team and get clear on the goals, needed content, and look and feel for your new site. We’ll compare and discuss other websites, to get an idea of what we want to do for yours. We also get clear about your brand story, your ideal customer, and how speak to them in a way that really engages them.

+ You provide: Availability to talk for 1-2 hours.
+ Outcome: A strategy document for me that clearly outlines all the goals, needed content, sitemap, and visual notes for the website.

Web Design for Conscious Businesses and Nonprofits website 3 Pristine Media

2. Design & Develop

I use the strategy we developed to immediately start building out the first draft of the website. You get a link to the development site, so you can see how it progresses. I’ll also help guide, suggest, and write the content for the site. Then we make revisions to the first drafts of each page, and finalize everything.

+ You provide: The necessary getting started data and materials with prompt revisions during project.
+ Outcome: The end finished website will help you overcome the obstacles we discuss.

Web Design for Conscious Businesses and Nonprofits shuttle 2 Pristine Media

3. Launch

I launch the site for you, and we celebrate a job well done. By this time, any necessary training materials have been created for you. I offer advanced, high-speed website hosting on enterprise grade Google Cloud servers, maintenance, security, updates, and post-launch support as well. Every website I host plants trees each month. Everything you need.

+ You provide: Launch promotion and engagement with your audience.
+ Outcome: New eyeballs on the finished project geared toward achieving our end objective.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a round of revisions?

One round of revisions means that you give me a single list of the changes you’d like made. Because this work is done on a timeline, it’s important to sum up all your thoughts and changes in a single place (one call or email) and to hand those over to me.

What if you miss a deadline?

This has never happened, but if it does, I’ll happily discount your final rate.

What if I miss a deadline?

This whole process works because we both have clear deadlines. If you can’t dedicate some time to the project, this isn’t a good fit. That said, if it should work, but you can’t keep up your end of the timeline for any reason, billing at my day rate starts after the end date passes.

Do you offer ongoing support?

This is a one-time process with a clear project conclusion. After the project is complete, on-going support will be discussed per client. Learn more about my website hosting and care packages.

I’ve designed for purpose-driven organizations like yours.

Web Design for Conscious Businesses and Nonprofits NEXUS V2 Pristine Media


NEXUS is a global community founded to bridge communities of wealth and social entrepreneurship. With over 5000 Members from 70 countries, they work to unite young investors, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists to catalyze new leadership and accelerate needed political, societal, indigenous, financial, environmental, and equal justice solutions. Founded in 2011, NEXUS has hosted over 37 Summits across five continents to connect young people from diverse backgrounds and link communities that would otherwise never meet.
Strategy | Colors + Fonts | Web Design + Development
Web Design for Conscious Businesses and Nonprofits Planting Justice Pristine Media

Planting Justice

Planting Justice is a 501c3 nonprofit that operates the largest certified organic tree-crop nursery in North America, with 1,400 varities in stock. Sinece 2009, they have been providing living-wage jobs for formerly incarcerated people by teaching them permaculture gardening and other skills. I was approached by the PJ team to combine their old separate websites (nursery ecommerce store, and nonprofit) into one beautiful, effective, and clear website. I built a very custom ecommerce setup for their particular needs, and designed user-friendly pages for all of their content. The website currently receives 80,000+ visits and generates $50,000+ in revenue per month. 

Ecommerce Store | Strategy | Colors + Fonts | Web Design + Development
Web Design for Conscious Businesses and Nonprofits BirthCenterEquity Pristine Media

Birth Center Equity

Birth Center Equity is a 501c3 nonprofit that is creating a world where every community has access to a birth center. BCE is funding and investing in BIPOC-led (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) community birth centers at scale. In late 2020, after 6 months after incredible early success (raising nearly $1 million in funding which was distributed to 25+ BIPOC-led birth centers), the BCE team was ready to take their online presence to the next level. I strategized, designed, and developed their new site, along with guiding the team to clarify their message for their different audiences (birth center leaders, investors, and general donors). The result was a site that has positioned BCE as the strong organization they truly are, generated increased interest from potential partners and investors, and more donations.

Strategy | Colors + Fonts | Web Design + Development | Messaging
and Positioning

“Gabriel is a brilliant visual and narrative strategist, an invaluable thought partner and listener, and a top notch project manager who delivers superb work on time.

“I felt like Gabriel really cared about us and our work. I appreciated that he got things done in a very accountable way, but didn’t obsess with some hyperlinear asana-esque project management approach. I enjoyed his calm and happy demeanor. I felt like he knew what he was doing and had real experience to draw from. Beautiful work, as we expected, and super insightful narrative lens, which I wasn’t expecting. Templates and suggested wording were superb and a cut above any I’ve worked with. He had strong opinions AND listened and adapted…

“I think our new site will bring a 1,000% increase in our credibility, 1,000% increase in the joy/cohesion of our members, and huge contribution to people’s understanding of the need and the vision for this work.”

– Julie Quiroz, Birth Center Equity
Web Design for Conscious Businesses and Nonprofits YIOC Pristine Media

Yoga In Our City, presented by ConnectiCare Insurance

YIOC is a non-profit program providing high quality yoga instruction and wellness education for free to communities across Connecticut. They offer in-person classes in parks across Connecticut, as well as a virtual yoga studio. I was approached by the YIOC team to redesign their old website, to help convey the scale and credibility of the program, demonstrate its value to potential funders and collaborators, and create an attractive, easy to use virtual studio. We also succeeded in telling YIOC’s story in an engaging way, and clearly explaining what the program is and how to get involved to potential students.
Strategy | Web Design + Development | Ecommerce | Donation Platform | Messaging and Positioning | Video and Livestreaming Platform
Web Design for Conscious Businesses and Nonprofits Luke Kohen Site Scroll Pristine Media

Luke Kohen

Luke Kohen is a conscious speaker, heartist, poet, ecopreneur, business coach, and healer working towards the transformation of our society to a sustainable way of life in harmony with the earth. He works with clients and teaches courses online, performs his music and speaks around the world, and is a rising influencer on social media.

Strategy | Web Design + Development

I make your purpose clearly understood and drive results.

Meet the Man with the Plan

Gabriel Miguel, Owner of Pristine Media

“Gabe is the man!”

“He has now constructed 5 websites for me in a few short months. His services are competitively priced, he works lightning fast, and I am constantly getting complimented on how professional my websites look. Most of the websites were completed in a week or less and the only reason they took that long is that I was unprepared for how quickly Gabe would construct the site.

“I will NEVER work with another website designer ever again (had my fair share of disasters and wasted money), Gabe is a diamond in the rough. The only time there was ever an issue he had it fixed in less than an hour.”

Riley Curran

Conscious Business Entrepreneur and Longtime Client

Make the Right Choice for Your Business


Don’t waste your money on a solution that doesn’t work for you. A lot of designs look great. But few designers work with their clients to gain a deep understanding of their customers, the needs of the business, and how to design a website that best achieves their business objectives. Good design solves problems, and that’s my goal: find the problems you’re facing and craft a winning strategy to solve them.


Go with someone who has insider knowledge about your industry/niche. Full disclosure, this is not a “requirement”, but it’s a really good thing to have. I’ve worked in and with nonprofits, with conscious brands and entrepreneurs, and lived a holistic lifestyle for years. I have a deep understanding and passion for these worlds, I use that understanding to inform my work, and often it benefits my clients.

There’s something important you should know.

As a one man shop, I can only take 1-2 clients a month because of the focus each project demands and the high-touch service I like to provide.

You can book a FREE Clarity Call with me to see if we’re a good fit! We’ll discuss your biggest challenges and come up with a powerful plan to meet your goals. Even if we aren’t a great fit, I’ll give you my best recommendations and you’ll have some quick-wins for your business.
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