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Is your website supporting your mission?

If your site looks bad...

If your messaging isn't engaging or clear...

Or your site is confusing to navigate...

It's hurting your growth more than you think, and leaving tons of money and opportunity on the table.

75% of people judge if a brand is trustworthy based on their website design.

90% of site visitors will abandon a website due to its poor design.

92% of people say a website must be easy to use. Or they will leave and not come back.

89% of people are less likely to return after a bad experience on a site.

A strong website increases donations & funding, boost sales, and attracts more leads.

A strong website makes people say "Wow!" when they see it.

A strong website conveys authority, credibility, and expertise.

It truly represents who you are, and what you do.

It positions you at the top of your industry.

It makes visitors take action, easily.

Let's make that happen.

Conscious companies & nonprofits trust me to clarify their messaging & (re)build their websites.

Happy Clients · Happy Clients ·

Clients love working with me.

"Gabriel is a brilliant visual and narrative strategist, an invaluable thought partner and listener, and a top notch project manager who delivers superb work on time.

"I felt like Gabriel really cared about us and our work. I enjoyed his calm and happy demeanor. I felt like he knew what he was doing and had real experience to draw from. Beautiful work, as we expected, and super insightful narrative lens.

"A cut above any I’ve worked with. He had strong opinions AND listened and adapted…I think our new site will bring a 1,000% increase in our credibility, 1,000% increase in the joy/cohesion of our members, and huge contribution to people’s understanding of the need and the vision for this work."

Julie Quiroz
Founder at New Moon Collaborations | Strategy Partner at Birth Center Equity

"I definitely recommend working with Gabriel. He did a great job with our website design and it was a smooth process thanks to his excellent communication skills.

"In the beginning, we didn't have a lot of time to improve our website and we were not sure how much time it would take to get a new website. We got a recommendation from an ally organization to hire Gabriel. During the process, we felt supported, not judged. Appreciated the patience. Gabriel is a great listener. The initial meetings were very helpful for us to understand what we wanted to achieve and Gabriel did a great job facilitating them.

"Our new website will definitely improve our communications with our members, since we introduced the member only area. Our website now has a more professional look and it is important for a young organization like People's Solar Energy Fund."

Ceyda Durmaz Dogan
Operations Manager, People's Solar Energy Fund (PSEF)
"Our new website gives credibility and confidence in our organization. I highly recommend Gabriel! He's great to work with, and we love him!
"We had absolutely no hesitations in hiring Gabriel. All of the examples of the great web designs he's done really convinced us — plus, he had already done a website for us before!

"What I loved about working with Gabriel was his big vision, and his great eye for design. He really did beautiful work! The beauty and strength of Native Women and Girls shines in our new website."
Gina Jackson
Return to the Heart Foundation, Co-Founder & CEO

"Thank you for a great website development experience. It went better than expected, & delivered a beautiful result.

"Prior to working with Gabriel, I was hesitant about the expense, time needed to participate in the design project, and whether he had the skills to express the proper language.

"What really convinced us to hire him was his personality, portfolio samples, and his authentic desire to serve and see the project through. Gabriel is organized, personable, and flexible. I know the new website will improve our image, and streamline our procedures. Gabriel is a very good candidate for your website solutions!"

Robert William
Grand Fire Council Member, Aniyviywa Tribe / Cherrokee nation of Indians

"You 100% get what you pay for. And it is a worthwhile investment to work with Gabriel. You will gain far more than "just" a website. You will get coaching on business, messaging & deep clarity around your business & service.

"My main hesitation was the financial cost. The combination of his commitment to God & the spiritual path, as well as his skill, strategies and style was what made me decide to hire him. My favorite part of working together was his ability to listen deeply, and help me gain deep clarity on my offering, messaging and ideal client. I think this design will help streamline a lot of conversations with my leads, and increase my ability to reach more people!"

Robbie Bone
Spiritual Healer and Mentor, Social Media Influencer
"Hire Gabriel! He did a great job, his work is beautiful and he is responsive to feedback. I know this site is going to boost my business!
"I saw his past work, and knew I had to hire him. The best thing about working together was the beautiful design he created, and being so responsive to feedback. I want to work with him on my next two sites."
Dominic Kalms
CEO & Founder at B Generous | President at GVNG | Philanthropist | 3x Venture Backed Entrepreneur
"Gabe is the man! I will NEVER work with another website designer ever again (had my fair share of disasters and wasted money), Gabe is a diamond in the rough.
"He has now constructed 5 websites for me in a few short months. His services are fairly priced, he works lightning fast, and I am constantly getting complimented on how professional my websites look.

"Most of the websites were completed in a week or less and the only reason they took that long is that I was unprepared for how quickly Gabe would construct the site. The only time there was ever an issue he had it fixed in less than an hour."
Riley Curran
Conscious Business Entrepreneur and Longtime Client
The ProcessTried & True

Get a website that generates results in 3–12 weeks. My 3 step process makes it easy & stress-free.

Get a website that generates results in 3–12 weeks.

My 3 step process makes it easy & stress-free.

I handle all the details, from strategy to design to launch, freeing you up to focus on what you do best. Your site will represent your brand and resonate with your audience.

As a boutique studio, I focus on a select few projects each month. I ensure each receives my undivided attention and high-touch service.

1. Brand & Website Strategy

We start with two invaluable Strategy Sessions: brand and website. We'll define your brand story, audience, and messaging. We'll strengthen your positioning in the market. Next we dive into website strategy, aligning on goals, content, and visual direction.

2. Copywriting, Web Design & Development

Guided by our strategy, I'll write the copy. I ensure it aligns with your brand and resonates with your audience. I'll design and develop your website, providing you with real-time viewing access. We'll collaborate on revisions until we achieve perfection.

3. Launch & Maintain

We launch your strategic, technically sound and visually stunning site. All necessary training materials are created. I provide industry-leading website management, and post-launch support.

Meet the Founder & Owner

Gabriel Miguel

“I’ve worked in and with conscious companies, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits for years. I use those experiences to inform my work, and often it benefits my clients. I’m the Founder and Executive Director of my own nonprofit, the Anastasia Foundation. I love to help good people like you do more good in the world.

“Personally, I live a simple and healthy holistic lifestyle. I care very deeply about making this Earth a more beautiful and joyful place for all people. I live in the mountains of North Carolina with my wonderful wife, where I spend my free time enjoying the gifts of nature and solitude, and building my own nonprofit.”

gabriel miguel founder and owner of pristine media web design agency

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